“There’s an app for that”

Your darn right there is because apps are money.Big money.

According to Forbes magazine, Clash of Clans makes over $5million per day. But, you don’t have to be app giant, Supercell, to make a nice living from your app.

In fact, a different Forbes article noted that 43% of app developers targeting enterprises make more than $10K per month – and over 18% make more than $100K per month.

Even those apps that target consumers can make money, like Clash of Clans. Over 19% of consumer driven apps, like games, make over $150K per year and almost 10% make over $1 million per year.So, if you have a mobile app, The Inventors Platform is very interested in helping you.

Get your Mobile App Protected and Started for Less than $2,000!


Protection for mobile apps starts with a provisional patent application. This will give you “patent pending” for one full year!


In order to present your mobile app, we will create wire frames and flow charts. These wire frames and flow charts are what is needed to fully describe your app and allow the software engineer to create the app.