Play the lottery or bet on yourself.

That’s your choice. We say . . . bet on yourself and your invention idea.

But, stack the deck in your favor. Get the great team of The Inventor’s Platform on your side.

First, we make things easy, affordable, and understandable for you. You will know what to do, how to do it, and how we help. And, it will be within your means so you can actually afford to use it.

We provide many tools for inventors to help bring their idea to market. But, the most important tool is the ease of our standard method

Preparation for product includes:

  • Make sure there are no other patented products out there that prevent you from moving forward.
  • Determine likelihood of patentability
  • Gain insight into different design elements that help

Protection for an invention starts with a provisional patent application. This will give you “ patent pending ” for one full year!

Additionally, we will provide you with a Non-Disclosure Agreement so you can talk with companies in greater confidence

  • One-stop shopping and Project Management
  • 3D full-color digital rendering of your invention
  • Full 360° rotational view of your invention
  • Product Website design and development to help sell and show off your invention
  • List of manufacturers likely to be interested in your invention idea
  • Standard License Agreement
  • world patent Marketing Research so you can identify your primary market

Now, we have other services to help you beyond the initial stages. So, don’t feel like that is all we can do. Instead, the standard package is all you need to get you going.

Our other services include:

Business Services:

Non-Provisional Utility Patent Application

Design Patent Application

Trademark Search

Trademark Opinion Letters

Crowdfunding Campaigns

Trademark Filing and Prosecution

Business Filings

Business Plans

Manufacturing Services:

Virtual Prototypes

Actual Prototypes

Short Run Manufacturing

Computer Assisted Drafting (CAD)

Feasibility Study

Consumer Research

Marketing Services:

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Logo Creation

YouTube Marketing

Trade Show Marketing & Presentation

Print Marketing Materials