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The Inventor’s Platform has helped hundreds of people patent ideas and bring them to the market. We present your idea to manufactures and retailers in pursuit of a licensing agreement so you can start earning money right away. We have negotiated on our client’s behalf many times and are proud to represent hundreds of new inventors each year.

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Our Method And Services

First, we make things easy, affordable, and understandable. Second, you will know what to do, how to do it, and how we help. Third, we do what we can to fit every need and budget and provide many tools for inventors to help bring their idea to market. But the most important tool is the ease of our standard method

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“There’s an app for that”

The Inventor’s Platform has the fastest, least expensive launching pad for mobile apps. Submit your idea today and your app could be in development in 30 days!



What Inventors Need to Know

Protection of an invention idea is typically accomplished through the patent laws. Two types of patents are typically applicable to individual inventors: Design Patents and Utility Patents. However before you file patent application you must confirm that your invention idea hasn’t been already patented by someone else. This process is called patent search which requires considerable time and efforts.

Design patents protect the aesthetic value and elements of a design. Design patents protect the allowed claim for 14 years from the date of the application. But, only one claim is allowed as the application must specify only one design. For this reason, design patents are sometimes easier to obtain. And, they are easier for competitors to work around.



Play the lottery or bet on yourself

That’s your choice. We say . . . bet on yourself and your invention idea. But, stack the deck in your favor. Get the great team of The Inventor’s Platform on your side. First, we make things easy, affordable, and understandable for you. You will know what to do, how to do it, and how we help. And, it will be within your means.

We provide many tools for inventors to help bring their idea to market. But, the most important tool is the ease of our standard method.



License agreements are contracts between someone who owns intellectual property, like a patent, and someone who wants to use the intellectual property. A common situation is where a patent owner licenses the invention idea to a manufacturer or a retailer so the product can be made and distributed. The patent owner receives payments from the manufacturer that are called “royalties”. Of course, not every license agreement is the same.

Sometimes the manufacturer will pay outright for all of the rights of the invention in a single lump sum. Other times, the manufacturer and the patent owner agree that money will only change hands when a product is sold. These types of license agreements more closely resemble a “joint venture”.



  • Patent search to make sure there are no other similar patented products

  • Determining likelihood of patentability

  • Gaining insight into different design elements that help



Protection for an invention starts with a provisional patent application. Our team will only use licensed, registered patent attorneys.

Additionally, we will provide you with a Non-Disclosure Agreement so you can talk to companies with complete confidence.



  • One-stop shopping and project management

  • 3D full-color digital rendering of your invention

  • Product website design and development

  • Virtual Prototypes, CAD renderings, Prototypes

  • Trade Show Presentation, Digital TV Commercials with Professional Spokesperson



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